Welcome to our website we hope you enjoy your visit. It is our aim to be the largest tattoo resource online both in terms of number of pictures and  number of visitors. You will find everything you could possibly need to help along your way to choosing, getting and maintaining your tattoos.   To ensure this remains a totally free gallery, you will find advertisements from our sponsors on some pages, we hope it doesn't spoil your visit. Most other sites charge for this service here you will find all of the tattoo designs and sample photos for free and not only a few hundred but thousands and thousands of every conceivable design of tattoo. Be it a small design for your shoulder, a lower back tribal or a full sleeve we are determined that we are and always will be the most extensive free gallery in town.

Advice - Tattoo choice and care.

As with all important choices in life its better to be 100% sure before you commit yourself. Keep telling yourself that you will have to live with a tattoo for the rest of your life. Surveys have shown that more than 50% of people regret getting the tattoo that they chose. We think that figure is a little high but if you take your time over all aspects of  your decision you should avoid becoming part of this statistic. Reasons for peoples dissatisfaction are mainly for one or more of 5 reasons.

A. Wrong design.
B. Inappropriate placement.
C. Change in personal circumstances.
D. Poor workmanship.
E. Fading due to age or inadequate aftercare.

A. Wrong design. This site is all about making sure you don't fall foul of the first obstacle, there are nearly 10,000 designs and photos here so take your time choosing. It would take hours to look at all the pictures so come back another day and take your time. Make a short list by printing or adding individual pages to a folder in your favorites and sleep on it at the very least in fact we recommend that you mull it over for a couple of weeks, there's really no rush.

B. Inappropriate placement. Be sure you want it where you put it. If you're the sort of person who wants a facial or intimate tattoo you probably won't be reading this advice but for the rest of us its wise to be able to cover up easily with, for example, long sleeves when required. Hands are possibly the most difficult to cover up in the sort of situations where concealing them would be an advantage like job interviews where you can't really wear gloves.

C. Change in personal circumstances. By this we mean a tattoo of a loved ones name or picture who subsequently becomes less loved. This is the most common reason for removals and cover ups. We strongly discourage personalized tattoos of this kind.

D. Poor workmanship. Some tattooists are Grand Masters and can freehand (draw without a guideline trace) these will have a portfolio of photos of previous work, their parlor will likely be very clean and in a good area. Whereas less talented tattooists are likely to be the other end of the scale. Ask around, don't just assume they are all good.

E. Fading due to age or inadequate aftercare. After the tattoo has healed its main enemy is direct sunlight so try to avoid exposure and use a strong sun block. Immediately after you should keep the dressing for the required period, don't pick the scab, avoid swimming or sunbathing, use the correct cream properly and keep everything else out of contact with your tattoo.