This Animal section has six large galleries of tattoo designs 100 in each.

The Animal Kingdom is possibly the oldest subject used in tattoo design. Ancient cave paintings depicted animals primarily so it stands to reason that body adornment went in a similar way. Traditionally Tigers, Eagles, and Snakes are most popular especially with men but since society has become more liberal women have felt free to express themselves with body art and Dolphins, Seahorses, Unicorns and Tree frogs have become increasingly popular. This is not to say there is a hard and fast line between the masculine and the feminine as most tattoo designs can be adapted to suit the wearer i.e. a tiger can look cute as a cub or more ferocious as an adult, in general women would prefer the cub but this is a generalization and is not always the case.  

Free Animal tattoo Designs.

Cats This section is devoted to felines, big and small. Tigers, Lions, Panthers, Leopards and domestic cats.

Birds You will find Ducks, Swallows, Parrots etc here but Eagles are the most popular avian subject for tattoo designs.

Aquatic Everything from in or on the water, Dolphins, Seahorses, Turtles, Crabs, Sharks etc.

Miscellaneous Everything else from the animal kingdom like Dogs, Horses, Unicorns, Elephants etc.

Snakes, Frogs & Lizards This category contains loads of reptiles and amphibians.

Insects Spiders, Flies, Ladybugs, etc. We have also added Scorpions to this category.