This section is full of cartoon tattoo art.

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Cartoon characters have become more than simply an entertainment artist but many have become cultural icons and as a group are arguably the most recognizable symbols globally. Many are translated into the major languages and are shown all over the world. Can there be a country left where nobody has heard of Mickey Mouse?

Design to tattoo

Feel free to print the design you like and take it to your chosen artist for them to copy. Typically a trace or outline will be made of the picture which will be transferred to the place on your body to be used then the outline will be made permanent and then the color applied if required. For more information see our advice and after care section from the main navigation bar above.

Gallery 1 Cartoon tattoo art work  1-12.

Designs include Yosemite Sam (pictured), Bambi and Bart Simpson on a skateboard.

Gallery 2 pictures 13-24.

Tigger from the Winnie the Pooh stories is a popular choice you can find two in this gallery.

cartoon tatoos

Gallery 3 pictures 25-36.

More Winnie the Pooh stuff along with characters from Garfield.

cartoon tatoos

Gallery 4 pictures 37-48.

Peanuts by Shultz is heavily featured here with Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Gallery 5 pictures 49-60.

More Peanuts and more Tiggers.

Gallery 6 pictures 61-72.

Find some more Yosemite Sam and Batman stuff  here.

Gallery 7 pictures 73-84.

Large representation from the Popeye cartoons in this gallery.

Gallery 8 pictures 85-96.

Maybe some characters from the Flintstones will inspire you.

Gallery 9 pictures 97-108.

Twelve more images to give you ideas.

Gallery 10 pictures 109-120.

Spiderman, the Ghostbusters and Winnie the Pooh playing baseball.