This is the Butterfly tattoo section.

Also see our photographs of insects section for many photos of butterflies

Butterflies and moths are part of the Lepidoptera family and are a colorful and popular subject for body art.

Design to tattoo

Feel free to print the design you like and take it to your chosen artist for them to copy. Typically a trace or outline will be made of the picture which will be transferred to the place on your body to be used then the outline will be made permanent and then the color applied if required. For more information see our advice and after care section from the main navigation bar above.

Gallery 1 Butterflies  1-12.

Designs include several tribal and stylized butterflies one with a flame background.

Gallery 2 pictures 13-24.

Red Admirals are a very popular choice, find some here and in other galleries.

Gallery 3 pictures 25-36.

Monarchs are also a popular choice being similar to Admirals.

Gallery 4 pictures 37-48.

Artistic license has been used in this gallery to give effective if not lifelike pictures.

Gallery 5 pictures 49-60.

More mainly artistic pictures of butterflies

Gallery 6 pictures 61-72.

Find some swallowtails here.

Gallery 7 pictures 73-84.

A handful more swallowtail butterfly pictures with others.

Gallery 8 pictures 85-96.

Twelve more images to give you ideas.

Gallery 9 pictures 97-108.

Some eyes and faces in these designs.

Gallery 10 pictures 109-120.

Some of these pictures have skulls incorporated into the design.