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Tattoos of Chinese, Japanese and other origins.

In this section you will find a multitude of symbols. The largest Subsection is the Names in Chinese which has around a thousand western names translated into Chinese script and in alphabetical sections with at least 30 names to each letter with some sections having 100 names.
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Symbols - Letters, runes, Chinese characters etc.

Kanji One of the scripts used in Japanese writing. It is now a regular thing to see a name or word tattooed in this style.

Zodiac The different star signs have different symbols or pictures associated with them.

Yin yang Also known as the Tai chi symbol roughly comes from the balance between the sun and moon.

Fonts Old Celtic and Druid Runes also various fonts for if you need special writing.

Names in Chinese Tattoos of Western names translated into Chinese, around 1000 in alphabetical order.

Japanese Katakana More names in another Japanese script again in alphabetical order.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs, eye of Horus etc.

Miscellaneous free tattoo patterns Everything else. 




Legal disclaimer:- Please note that while we have no reason to doubt the accuracy of any of the translations that you can find in this section, we will not be held responsible for any mistakes or inaccuracies of any kind.  Please see disclaimer for full details.