This section is full of Photos of cross tattoos.

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A cross as we know it is defined as an upright post and a transverse piece near the top, on which in ancient times condemned persons were executed. It is more difficult for a tattoo artist to reproduce the required  design from a photo but any good tattooist shouldn't have too much trouble from these photographs as most are clear and in color. Taking a trace may be difficult especially if the photo is taken from an angle as the perspective will be all wrong so at least some hand drawing will be needed so be sure to check the other categories such as artwork, tribal or symbols as the same or very similar should be there.

Gallery 1 photos of cross tattoos  1-10.

Crosses are obviously a very and popular and religious symbol.

Gallery 2 pictures 11-20.

Some floral designs can be found in this gallery of photographs of crosses.

Gallery 3 pictures 21-30.

Celtic crosses are certainly another very popular choice of body art.

Gallery 4 pictures 31-40.

Some more photographs of celtic cross designs can be found here.

Gallery 5 pictures 41-50.

Celtic crosses are the most popular in these galleries find some in this selection.

Gallery 6 pictures 51-60.

Ten more photographs to give you ideas for cross tattoo designs.

Gallery 7 pictures 61-70.

Some photographs of Maltese cross designs can be found in this gallery.

Gallery 8 pictures 71-80.

Ten more designs here.

Gallery 9 pictures 81-90.

Crosses also come incorporated into lower back tattoo designs.