This is the Photographs of dragon tattoos section.

Also see tribal dragon tattoos and dragon artwork section.

Whereas in other categories tribal and artwork of dragons have been split into separate galleries, here in the photo section you will find a mixture.

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It is more difficult for a tattoo artist to reproduce the required  design from a photo but any good tattooist shouldn't have too much trouble from these photographs as most are clear and in color. Taking a trace may be difficult especially if the photo is taken from an angle as the perspective will be all wrong so at least some hand drawing will be needed so be sure to check the other categories such as artwork, tribal or symbols as the same or very similar should be there.


Gallery 1 tribal dragons 1-12.

The pick of these 12 is a large full back tat, not for everyone but impressive to see.

Gallery 2 pictures 13-24.

Another impressive oriental serpent covering the whole of someone's back is included here.

Gallery 3 pictures 25-36.

Several tribal designs can be found amongst these dragon photographs.

Gallery 4 pictures 37-48.

This intertwined pair of serpents is finished in a stone effect with a setting sun behind them.

Gallery 5 pictures 49-60.

A design in this gallery is based on the caduceus which is a medical symbol.

Gallery 6 pictures 61-72.

Dragon Tattoos often show a globe in one claw. With a slightly different tack one here holds a yin yang.

Gallery 7 pictures 73-84.

The first photograph here is a traditional serpent flying around a castle.

Gallery 8 pictures 85-96.

Twelve more inspirational designs.

Gallery 9 pictures 97-108.

Chinese dragons are said to be generally benign unlike their western counterparts.

Gallery 10 pictures 109-120.

Find a character from the book "where the wild things are" by
Maurice Sendak.