This section is full of Photos of heart tattoos.

Also see our artwork of heart tattoos section for many more pictures.

It is more difficult for a tattoo artist to reproduce the required  design from a photo but any good tattooist shouldn't have too much trouble from these photographs as most are clear and in color. Taking a trace may be difficult especially if the photo is taken from an angle as the perspective will be all wrong so at least some hand drawing will be needed so be sure to check the other categories such as artwork, tribal or symbols as the same or very similar should be there. The generally accepted heart shape or symbol is 2 rounded bumps at the top coming to a point at the bottom . It is unclear from where from history this symbol originates one theory that it is simply the shape of an actual human heart or an animals heart that would be more readily seen but the similarity is slight.

Gallery 1 photos of hearts  1-10.

Many examples in this gallery are incorporated into a lower back design.

Gallery 2 pictures 11-20.

A pair of dolphins jumping out of the water to form the shape of a heart on one picture.

Gallery 3 pictures 21-30.

Not the usual place to see a tattoo. The toe has a high concentration of nerves so it was probably painfull.

Gallery 4 pictures 31-40.

The addition of a crown of thorns turns the heart into a more religious symbol.

Gallery 5 pictures 41-50.

The sacred heart of Jesus is a prominent Roman Catholic Symbol.

Gallery 6 pictures 51-60.

Some more lower back heart  designs are included in this gallery.

Gallery 7 pictures 61-70.

Ten more images to inspire you.

Gallery 8 pictures 71-80.

Some more heart designs.

Gallery 9 pictures 81-90.

The broken heart or dagger through a heart is a popular choice.

Gallery 10 pictures 91-100.

Ten more for you to peruse.