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The generally accepted heart shape or symbol is 2 rounded bumps at the top coming to a point at the bottom . It is unclear from where from history this symbol originates one theory that it is simply the shape of an actual human heart or an animals heart that would be more readily seen but the similarity is slight. Another theory is that it is loosely derived from the female form again controversy surrounds the actual part(s) but it is fairly obvious which are the contenders. Other possibilities are the seed of a now extinct contraceptive plant and the shape of the male prostrate gland.

Design to tattoo

Feel free to print the design you like and take it to your chosen artist for them to copy. Typically a trace or outline will be made of the picture which will be transferred to the place on your body to be used then the outline will be made permanent and then the color applied if required. For more information see our advice and after care section from the main navigation bar above.

Gallery 1 pics of hearts  1-12.

Many in this gallery have scrolls, maybe for the name of a loved or missed one.

Gallery 2 pictures 13-24.

Some more scrolls here along with an oriental script symbol for love.

Gallery 3 pictures 25-36.

Quite a few more scrolls along with other traditional designs.

Gallery 4 pictures 37-48.

The addition of a crown of thorns turns the heart into a more religious symbol.

Gallery 5 pictures 49-60.

The sacred heart of Jesus is a prominent Roman Catholic Symbol.

Gallery 6 pictures 61-72.

Some lower back heart tattoo designs are included in this gallery.

Gallery 7 pictures 73-84.

Twelve more images to give you ideas.

Gallery 8 pictures 85-96.

Some more lower back heart designs.

Gallery 9 pictures 97-108.

Some in this gallery are of a more traditional older design style.

Gallery 10 pictures 109-120.

Included here are mainly a more modern take on the subject.