This is the Lower back tattoo section.

Also see photos of lower back section.

This sort of body art that  is placed cross the pelvis at the back usually following the contour of the lower back in an elongated V shape popular almost exclusively with women tattoos.

Design to tattoo

Since they are generally less complicated, Tribal designs are relatively easily reproduced from screen to paper to skin. Usually only one color is used which obviously makes things easier a simple print of any of these flash designs and any decent tattooist will be able to reproduce that design. We believe that all the tribal and other flash artwork on this site to be royalty free so you can print it out as an example for your tattooist to copy (see our copyright page for further info)

Gallery 1 Lower back  1-12.

Mainly monochrome, black on white traditional tribal lower back patterns.

Gallery 2 pictures 13-24.

More monochrome designs with a couple of intertwined flowery patterns.

Gallery 3 pictures 25-36.

Some more floral and feminine designs accompany the normal back tattoos.

Gallery 4 pictures 37-48.

More mainly traditional black on white back tattoos often curving up to follow the back of the pelvis.

Gallery 5 pictures 49-60.

Women's lower back tattoos are often floral or ornately feminine as are some in this section.

Gallery 6 pictures 61-72.

This sort of body art has become popular in recent times especially with women.

Gallery 7 pictures 73-84.

In this picture a heart has been incorporated into the design.

Gallery 8 pictures 85-96.

One of the images here has a rose in the design and one has a sun in the centre.

Gallery 9 pictures 97-108.

Twelve more tattoo designs for just above the belt line for you to consider.

Gallery 10 pictures 109-120.

A very floral pattern along with a couple with flames incorporated into the design.