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Tribal tattoos - a hugely popular design style over the most recent couple of decades

Tribal tattoos as we know them  are a relatively recent development when you consider how long ago the first human permanently marked his or her skin, although the origins aren't too dissimilar. It may be that the rise in popularity of henna holiday tattoos because henna is monochrome i.e. black only which is the same for the first tribal designs.
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Tribal Tattoos - A popular and distinctive design style.

Lower back Recently made popular tattoo across the small of the back is very often a tribal design.

Celtic Based on the artwork of tribes from Ireland, Scotland and parts of England, these designs are often interwoven patterns or knots.

Dragon This creature is the subject matter of many a tattoo maybe due to eastern influences.

Cross Obviously mainly a religious symbol but you can also find Maltese and Celtic crosses here.

Armbands A pattern that goes around the upper bicep often a Celtic or Tribal style.

Upper arm free tattoo flash Tribal patterns that usually cover the outer arm from the elbow to the shoulder.




Some say that this style goes against the true spirit of this sort of body art and western societies should have respect for the cultures it imitates. It is generally a minority view but you may wish to bear it in mind.